Free water refill station for Redland events

Waste management can be challenging for event organisers, especially if you’re trying to minimise the event’s environmental footprint.

Plastic water bottles can create huge headaches for event organisers. They often cause litter issues, and can be a waste disposal nightmare.

But a solution is available. Redland City Council has two mobile water refill stations that can be borrowed at no cost by local community events and schools.

The mobile stations are suitable for all types of events including festivals, expos, concerts, markets, sporting events, fundraisers and Christmas events. They are easy to install by simply connecting to a nearby tap, and offer fresh, free tap water to patrons.

The stations have been used at 31 events and school initiatives since 2015, including Christmas by Starlight events at Sirromet, the Good Gardening Expo at IndigiScapes, Karragarra Sea Markets and Paws at the Park.

An estimated 3,400 litres of drinking water was consumed through the stations at 2017 events alone. That’s the equivalent of approximately 5666 single-use plastic water bottles!

Event organisers can choose to encourage people to take their own reusable water bottles to make the most of the refilling stations, or sell/offer reusable water bottles at the event.

Organisations must have public liability insurance to borrow the stations, which need to be supervised during use, stored safely and securely, and returned within 48 hours of the event. Simply apply via the online application form.

With single use plastic water bottles the most common rubbish removed from local waterways, and the availability of fresh drinking water for patrons often a challenge for event organisers, these stations are a win for the environment and a win for events.


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