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Understanding Household Water Use

If there is going to be enough water to sustain our growing population into the future we all need to live smarter with what is available.

Saving water in the household will save you money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help to keep our waterways healthy. Simple actions make a big difference.

We all use water differently, but studies have shown that water usage in an average Australian home can equate to around:

  • Garden & Outdoor 40%
  • Bath & Shower 20%
  • Laundry 16%
  • Kitchen 11%
  • Toilet 11%
  • Other 2%
    • Before you can affect change at the household level it is important to find out where how and how much water is used in your home.

Knowing where you use the most water around the house helps you to understand where water savings can be made. You can use this great on line Interactive House and Garden tool to estimate the amount of water you use in your home and while learning some great water tips along the way.    
Adapted from reference : Copyright © SA Water, 2004, Save Water in your home, accessed 1/7/2011

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